POPIA (Pty) Ltd

Leaders in the protection of personal information. 20 years experience in  advising on privacy matters. Internationally accredited privacy experts. Participated in the development of the POPI Bill (2008 - 2012).  Providers of support services, systems and solutions for information officers. 

Information Officers

Information officers play an important role in the protection of personal information. They advise responsible parties about the lawfulness of their processing of personal information, they respond to data subjects' requests for compliance and complaints of interference; and they respond to the Information Regulator's request for assistance or enforcement notice.  

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Certified Personal Information Officer

Passing the Certified Personal Information Officer exam demonstrates that you properly understand the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and related legislation. The CPIO examination is aimed at information officers who wish to demonstrate they understand the right to privacy in the South African context. 

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