POPIA Compliance FrameworkA POPIA compliance management and monitoring system is used to govern and manage the actions an organisation takes to protect the right to privacy of data subjects. It is used to direct, monitor and continuously improve compliance with the conditions for lawfully processing personal information. A comprehensive framework, it will accelerate the development of a reference architecture for you to design and implement the measures,  safeguards and processes needed to enable data subject rights and maintain compliance with the conditions for lawful processing of personal information. Automation of the planning, scheduling actions, defining work practices and real-time monitoring enables responsible parties and information officers to proactively manage the risk of non-compliance.

Considerable productivity gains will be derived if an effective and efficient management system is deployed together with the correct attention to the details of specific requirements.

In most organisations staff across the organisation are relied on to work correctly with personal information, perform the required work in the specified manner, and within the required time-frames. A monitoring system will increase visibility and enable management tracking of key privacy related activities. Real-time dashboards will give managers key information about progress in building capability and responding to data subject complaints about interference with their rights.